Powerhouse Anita Kunz

Powerhouse Anita Kunz

Anita Kunz is powerful and beautiful.

Everybody loves Anita Kunz. She is one of our global creative industry's most passionate and pervasive artists. She has won many, many awards and accolades—all deserved. She is involved, present, passionate. She has published more work than almost anybody. Her work always stands out. She is not afraid of tough subjects. At times her work is in your face: it grabs attention. There is no one more fearless. And no one nicer. 

She says the things that inspire her the most are science, anthropology, politics, and human behavior. Her work embraces all of these. 

She teaches workshops. She lectures around the world. In addition to her personal work, she creates illustrations for both editorial and advertising including award-winning portraits of celebrities and CEOs. I have always sensed her home in Canada is a creative refuge where she can work, retreat, and refresh away from the hubbub of life-at-large.

Anita has produced cover art for numerous high-profile magazines. I love her editorial illustrations, in particular those for Rolling Stone and The New Yorker. Editorial is a world where one can be expressive and bold...perfectly suited for her. 

Her biography posted on her website, anitakunzart.com, sums up her dizzyingly copious achievements: 

  • Canadian by birth, Anita Kunz has lived in London, New York and Toronto
  • She has been widely published in Germany, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Canada, South Africa, Holland, Portugal, France and England
  • Her work has been seen in Time, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, GQ, The New York Times, Sony Music, Random House Publishing and many others
  • Articles about her work have appeared in Graphis and Novumgebrauchsgrafik magazines (Switzerland), Communication Arts and Step by Step magazine (USA), Idea, Illustration and Creation magazines (Japan), Applied Arts (Canada), Nuvo (Canada) and The Design Journal (Korea)
  • From 1988 to 1990 she was one of two artists chosen by Rolling Stone magazine to produce a monthly illustrated History of Rock ‘n Roll end paper
  • She has produced cover art for many publications including Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, Sports Illustrated, Time, Newsweek, The Atlantic Monthly and The New York Times Magazine
  • She has illustrated more than fifty book jacket covers
  • Anita frequently teaches workshops and lectures at universities and institutions internationally, including the Smithsonian and the Corcoran in Washington DC
  • Her summer workshops have been conducted at the Illustration Academy in Sarasota Florida, and at the Masters of Art degree program at Syracuse University
  • She has been honored with many prestigious awards and medals and her critically acclaimed paintings and sculptures have appeared in galleries world wide, including the Norman Rockwell Museum in Massachusetts and the Teatrio Cultural Association in Rome, Italy
  • Her works are in the permanent collections at the Library of Congress, the Canadian Archives in Ottawa, the McCord Museum in Montreal, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome
  • A number of her Time magazine cover paintings are in the permanent collection at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC
  • In 1987 she showed a collection of her works at Canada House in Trafalgar Square, London
  • In 1997 she had a one woman show at the Foreign Press office in New York City
  • In 1998 she had a solo show at the Creation Gallery in Tokyo
  • The Society of Illustrators Museum of American Illustration mounted a mid-career retrospective of her work in the fall of 2000
  • She has had solo shows at the Govinda Gallery in Washington, DC, the Art Institute of Boston, and Massachusetts College of Art and Design
  • In the fall of 2003 she was the first woman and the first Canadian to have a solo show at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC
  • In 2000 she was invited to speak as one of The New Yorker magazine cover artists at the annual New Yorker Festival in New York
  • In 2001 and again in 2004, she was invited to speak at ideaCity in Toronto, a think tank of luminaries from the fields of medicine, politics, science, and the arts
  • In spring of 2007 Anita gave a presentation about her New Yorker covers at the prestigious TED conference in Monterey, California
  • From 2000 to 2003 she served on the Board of Directors of the Illustration conference
  • In 2004 she served as chair for the Society of Illustrators Museum of American Illustration annual exhibit, and she has most recently served as chair of the Museum Committee there
  • In 1997 she received the Les Usherwood Lifetime Achievement Award from the Advertising and Design Club of Canada
  • In 2016 she received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Applied Arts magazine in Toronto
  • Anita has been named one of the fifty most influential women in Canada by the National Post newspaper
  • She has received an Honorary Doctorate from the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, and a second from MassArt College of Art and Design in Boston
  • She has been appointed Officer of the Order of Canada, Canada’s highest civilian honor, and recently received the Queen’s Jubilee Medal of Honor
  • She was inducted into the Museum of American Illustration Hall of Fame in New York in 2017 

Oh yeah, and she loves monkeys! A lot!

I am showing some of my favorites of her artwork here in the gallery below. 

Rock on, Anita Kunz! 

— Traci Churchill
     Artist and Designer


Girls will be Girls tc1.jpg
clone test tube2 tc1.jpg
New Yorker Trippy (withType) tc1.jpg
new Yorker tc1.jpg
Nerw yorker Camel ith type tc1.jpg
Tut's taxi tc1.jpg
New Yorker New Toys (withType) tc1.jpg
m jackson tc1.jpg
Rolling Stone Belushi  tc1.jpg
black eye sam tc1.jpg
Saturdaynight clinton tc1.jpg
Kunz Trump tc1.jpg
Traci E tc1.jpg
Traci I tc1.jpg
Traci A tc1.jpg
Bill  CAT man tc1.jpg
Traci C tc1.jpg
Madonna tc1.jpg
Obama tc1.jpg
Traci D tc1.jpg
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